Wine Tasting in Tuscany

Degustazione degustation - tasting and and enjoying Tuscan wines

We now live in a world of good wines - excellent wines in a great many cases. The bad old days (1950's, 1960's, in this case) of watery acidic plonk arriving in a straw-covered flask (appropriately, "fiasco" in Italian) are well and truly past. Almost all Tuscan DOC wines and DOCG wines produced in Tuscany, plus many IGT Tuscan wines, are good or very good. This means that when wine tasting in Tuscany, we can in effect expect the wine to be more than drinkable and therefore what we are searching for is a wine that suits our taste. That could be a wine similar to what we have always enjoyed, or something interesting and novel - this depends on the individual and often also on the occasion.

Wine tasting tour in Tuscany

Prepare before your Tuscan wine tasting tour

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degustazione in Toscana

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